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Corporate and Conference Speaker, Master of Ceremonies and Sporting Personality!

Rodney Hogg, former Australian cricketing great, has become an established corporate, motivational, keynote and conference speaker across Melbourne and the rest of  Australia. His stories and real-life experiences are told with great aplomb and enthusiasm. Even if you are not a cricket or general sporting fan you will appreciate this gentleman’s anecdotes and tremendous sense of humour and humility.

Here is an example:

corporate speakersI religiously wear my sunglasses to give people a hint I’m either a cricketer or rock star, given they are the only two professions that find it necessary to wear sunnies indoors. But nothing.

Take the Perth luncheon I attended with David Gower, the same Englishman I knocked over three times in 1978-79. Being guest speakers, I suggested we enter around the back so we didn’t get pestered on the way in.

Gower looked at me strangely before asking, “Why?”. So we went in the front, me hurrying so I didn’t get stopped by an annoying fan. Almost made it until a voice yelled, “Hey legend, don’t think you are getting away that quickly”.

I saw the bloke as he approached and walked past me: “Thanks for coming, David. Can I just say it’s a pleasure to have you here and how much we are looking forward to hearing you speak.”

Then he turned to me and said: “You’ll need to produce your ticket, mate, otherwise we won’t let you in.”

“Hogg, 41 at 12.85 and I’m with him,” I replied.

He snapped: “I don’t care how old you are or what the temperature is, show me your ticket and we’ll let you in as long as you don’t annoy Mr Gower. And mate, you won’t be needing your sunglasses inside.”

The next time your business group, training session or club event requires the opportunity to rally the troops and engage clients in a special event, think of Rodney Hogg and experience the magic that still is “Hoggie”!