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"Rodney Hogg ‘Hits a Six’ and Leaves us Dying with Laughter.."

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Adam Gilchrist with Hoggie

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Why do you go to functions to listen to a keynote speaker? Some may go because they want to be motivated; others may want to learn a new skill or approach to a problem; still others may be interested in the profile of the speaker. But those who came to hear Rodney Hogg were truly caught by surprise.

They had no idea that they were going to be engaged in ‘side splitting laughter’ for a full hour, as Rodney entertained everyone with his crazy ‘story on story on story’. You did not have to know anything about cricket to enjoy this WOW of a performance. The bottom line was – that he had no plan in his career – just a driving passion, and that is all he needed to get him to the top (well….perhaps some skill too!).

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